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If you’re looking for a pure breed Cornish Rex kitten, you’ve come to the right place! 
Before we agree to give you our babies, we really want to make sure it is good fit for You and kitten. Please visit Available Kittens page and FAQ page for more details. 

Brooklyn, New York 


  1. Hi I'm interested in Cornish Rex kitten, please let me know if you have any available.
    609 203-6243

  2. Hi I am looking for a Cornish Rex kitten and would prefer a female. I have an older spayed female now and I think it would be best to introduce a baby into the home. I would like a white with markings or calico with white background or a yellow with white. My girl is a calico with white background and I love the color. She is 8 years old. My daughter is also looking for a kitten and not sure if she has any preferences. I don't think she does. She has no other pets in the house. We have had Cornish Rex in our family for several years. The first 2 have passed on from old age. My Suki is such a love and thinking now is the time to add another. Do you ship and if so what are the best airlines to do this. I have never had one shipped but am open to it as long as we could do when weather is warmer and before weather gets too hot. Thanks for your help. Karla Marr my email is and phone 563-542-2189.
    If my daughter and I both got a kitten we could ship together. Perhaps that would be best for the babies.

  3. My name is Jennifer Faust. My husband and I are interested in the Cornish Rex breed. We are from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We found your name and site through We were owned by a sphynx boy named Griffin, which my husband had a slight allergy to but it was just sniffles and he took Zyrtec to keep it under control. We don't have any other animals or children, so Griffin was our everything. Unfortunately, he got sick rather quickly and he was taken from us at the age of 5, on April 9th, 2017. The ER vet told us he had heart disease/HCM. We tried everything but we were just back and forth with him to the vet and the ER. We didn't think that was fair to him and didn't want to see him suffer anymore. My husband works days and I am always home. Our house just seems so empty. It just doesn't feel right with out a little one running around. So, we thought about looking into the Cornish Rex breed. My husband and I fell in love after reading about them. Would you be able to email me some more info about pricing and if you could maybe put me on a waiting list?

    Thank you again,

    Jennifer & Andrew Faust

  4. For some reason I can't fill out the questionnaire.

  5. If you interested in our kittens, PLEASE, first read Available Kittens page and FAQ page and then send us filled Questionnaire Form to e-mail:
    We are very busy with our new babies and kids, so please do not be upset if we don`t answer fast. We do answer e-mails once a week. If you do not get answer in 7-10 days, please write us again!
    Thank you for understanding!

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