Thursday, November 26, 2020


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We are CORNISH REX cats lovers and enthusiasts!
Our kitties are registered Pet Partners Therapy Animals and enjoy volunteering and visiting different places and people.
We love bring happiness, stress relief and curiosity in people!
Very often people first time ever see this breed cats when they meet us! And we are very happy to tell all about Cornish Rex breed and show these beautiful, intelligent, social, curious and smart cats. 

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Our Cats are SHOW Cats! 
We showing in CFA - Cat Fancier's Association and TICA - The International Cat Association.
Our handsome Boy RW SGC ReikiRex Apollo are 2019 Regional Winner in TICA and he is awarded Supreme Grand Champion Title.
  • TICA Northeast Region's 2019 BEST CORNISH REX OF THE YEAR
Our QGC REX GRACEFUL VIOLET OF REIKIREX/CF is the TICA Northeast Region's 2019 THIRD BEST CORNISH REX OF THE YEAR and she is awarded Quadruple Grand Champion Title. 

We have very small breeding program and usually once a year we have kittens. We breed only Show Cats with titles as best representatives of this Breed. Our cats have great personalities, very social and friendly they have regular health check, vaccinated, dewormed and have been at Cardiac Evaluation and have no signs of Cardiomyopathy. 
We do not have waiting list!
When kitten or cat become available we are looking for best match for our cat or kitten. We contact person/families on our Contact list and we try our best to match accordingly family/person wishes and kitten/cat personality. For more information, please visit our KITTEN page.

Our cats and kittens 
are registered and shown with CFA - Cat Fancier's Association and TICA - The International Cat Association.

CFA Cornish Rex Breed Council Member.