Our Kittens at their Forever Homes

We absolutely LOVE to hear from our Cornish Rex families! 
If you have photo's or video`s you would like to share E-mail us the pictures, link to video and we will post them here.

Feel free to leave a comment or tell us how is your kittie/s doing or even little story about what your Rex is up to these days!!

JETBLUE lives in Florida

DELTA lives in Canada

 SPIRIT now BIG brother to new Cornish Rex girl. He lives in PA.

 AMERIJET loves dress up for Holidays. He lives in PA.
SKY become a beautiful Lady and lives in ME.
Jive&Charleston lives in CA

Hermione lives in CA

Words from new Parents:

Zephyr is such a snuggler, and will spend hours in my lap, purring. 
I haven't had one anxiety attack since he has been with us and I have been sleeping so well. He really had changed my life for the better.
It's been 7 days since Zephyr came home and I can't even imagine my life without him.
Thank you again for raising the perfect kitten. We love him so very much.
Love and Light
/Zephyr Mom from CT/

He's settling in very well and he is definitely a handful! LOL. We love him so much! He is so energized and goofy!  He is rambunctious, but he's still a little cuddle bug. He likes to crawl under the covers on our bed and sleep with us. I still can't get over the way he follows us around the house. It's so cool and unique from other cats! He's good company. :) 
/Spirit Mom from PA/

I feel like we’ve won the kitten lottery, these 2 cats are so amazing, thank you!!!!
/Jive& Charleston Mom from CA/

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