Cats/Kittens available from other breeders

Cornish Rex RESCUE,
Cats/Kittens available from other breeders.

ReikiRex is small Cattery and we understand if you can't wait for our ReikiRex kitten!
We will email ANNOUNCEMENTS to our contacts who did fill our Questionnaire form if we hear about Cornish Rex RESCUE or available Cornish Rex cats or kittens form other breeders.
These cats/ kittens are not related to our Cattery, however we understand the need to find GREAT homes for other Cornish Rex cats too! Fell free to contact us if you are looking for Cornish Rex cat or kitten! 

from other Breeders at this moment!!!


We don`t have any information 
about Cornish Rex adult RESCUE alerts at this time!


Old RESCUE alerts....

These kitties already found homes!
Young Female in Utah 
Details here....

Adults, Males, Teddy & Oliver, OH
Details here....
Adult, Male, Neutered in Yuma, AZ

Adult, Female, Neutered in Glendale, CA

 No rescues at this time. Please check back soon!
*** Since these is not our kitties we are not responsible for any agreements you make with other breeders or rescue organization, or any person. We just share information and help you connect. Please take time to think trough and ask all questions before make your decisions.

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