Our KITTIES tested these CATS products and they love it!

We give this supplement before and after any travel, trip to the Vet, vaccinations, Cats Shows (7-10 days before and 7-10 days after). This is our number ONE remedy if any health problems! It is safe to give with any other medications your Vet will prescribe!
Transfer Factors are “Immune Messenger Molecules” that give intelligence to our immune system. Transfer Factors are extracted from colostrum and egg yolk. It is much, much more effective than just a Colostrum!  TRANSFER FACTOR CLASSIC has zero toxicity, has NO side effects and is safe for everyone including newborn babies. TF is NOT a Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme, Herb, colostrum, Drug, Fiber, Steroid, and Hormone. Safe and effective! For cats and kittens and humans.  

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor  recommended if any health issues. More advanced formula than TF Classic.

Cat Laser Toy,3 in 1